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Work with me 1-1:
RTT and coaching

Embody the change you wish to see in this world.

From victimhood to Authentic Empowerment.


From fear to joy & hope.


From go-go-go mentality to accountability &
slow down & check in with the here and now.

From 'What is expected of me?' to

'What do I want to bring to this world?'

Do you want to experience the feeling of connection again in these challenging times? Do you long for a safe space where you can be yourself that feels nourishing to the soul? Do you long for practical tools to actually bring change in your life? To truly let go of what no longer serves you, shedding old layers of yourself, so you can embrace and embody your next level Self

Hi darling,

Welcome to my page. My name is An-Sofie and I am a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist trained by Marissa Peer herself.

Are you struggling with deep fatigue, a strong inner critic, a habit you would like to stop, or low self esteem? Then you have arrived at the correct place my love:

Personally, I know what it's like to have a feeling of feeling ‘stuck’ in life, that you don't know what to do anymore, struggling with burn-out, fatigue and lack of self confidence. Not enjoying endlessly talking to therapists about these problems without getting any real concrete results. That's why I invested in Rapid Transformational Therapy and the Yes Supply Method Coaching, on top of practicing NVC and commonly paying attention to what is truly alive in people.

And I noticed: we all have a deep hunger to feel seen, heard an appreciated, just for who we ‘are’ (not only for what we ‘do’). I like providing this safe space in which you can re-dis-cover this essence of your being. Peeling off the layers that no longer serve you, so you can unleash your most True, Loving, Empowered and Authentic Self again.

As I said, I work with a combination of RTT, NVC (deep listening), shadow work, parts work and techniques as to provide you with a safe space to come home to yourself again. My specialization is working with gentle souls with a strong mission in Life, but that struggle with fatigue, self confidence, self esteem and self-love. I help you transform and materialise your goals and dreams with RTT & coaching sessions so you can feel free to be your most loving and authentic Self again.

RTT and my way of working can be used for almost any issue or challenge. Helping you rediscover yourself and remember who you are in your core being. Finding inner peace, freedom & tapping into your true essence, so you can wake up feeling energised and excited for the day ahead, knowing what you want and how to achieve it.

Do you wish more inner peace, happiness and a sense of being deeply in Love with your Life?

book a FREE intake call with me here, and let’s find out if we are a perfect match to transform your goals into a reality together:

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Who am I?

Hey hey gorgeousness,

My name is An-Sofie and together with my 3-legged doggo Lucy I live in a tiny appartment in Mechelen, Belgium. I have been working in aviation as a flight attendant for 12 years now, working with hundreds of people every single day. And I JUST quit my job there, to invest all of my time here, to serve people like YOU unleashing your full potential and helping you fall in Love with your Life (and impact) again.


As a child I witnessed 3 divorces from close by, and learned quickly that as a grown up, I did not want to contribute to 'pain' in this world. On the contrary, I dreamed of one thing, and one thing only:


Make people happy!


Result? I became a first class people pleaser.
Very exhausting!

After a couple of burnouts and a couple of broken relationships I discovered NVC: Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Roosenberg.

This transformed my LIFE!! 

Now I try to apply that knowledge every single day, in each and every encounter: and I noticed it not only helps me protect my boundries and well-being, it also ADDS to the well-being of OTHERS at the same time!

WITHOUT me losing myself in the other! Win-Win!


So now I truly made it my mission to share these tools and skills as much as possible with gentle souls around me that are open to new possibilities.

So that you, too, can embody the change you wish to see in this world. A safe space in which we all feel seen, heard and appreciated, exactly as we are. Beyond judgement and polarisation, and in understanding, empathy and joyful contribution. So we can co-create a world in which we truly enjoy contributing to each others well-being, no matter what the outside world expects from us or what is happening around us. So...

Are you in?

With great Love,


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