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Hello gentle Soul,

Welcome to my little corner on the web. 

My name is An-Sofie, and I am the person behind 'tisjust'. 

So... how did it all start? There are 3 major themes here, so feel free to skip to the one that triggers your interest:


It all started in 2013, when I was diagnosed with severe acne. Nothing from the pharma-based products seemed to be able to help me. They actually made me even more sick vomiting for three days (Roaccutane, to be pecize). So I threw it all out, and started my search for more natural remedies. Soon to discover that food had a MAJOR impact on our health and sense of well-being. I decided to give it a go, and cut out all sources of dairy products. And in one month only... and my skin completely cleared up!

You can imagine how my curiosity was triggered: I went down a rabbit hole of reading books,  watching documentaries and further experimenting on my own body. This results were astonishing: In 6 months time I went from omnivore, to vegetarian to fully vegan. My body felt more energetic, all skin issues disappeared 'miraculously', and I felt so much more aligned with my values ('do not harm animals and our planet').

It was kind of like in the movie 'the Matrix', once you choose to know, you can never go back and un-know. I was hooked, and surprised to discover how much of this common sense knowledge was witheld from the general public. Our food choices have a major impact on our health, well-being, behaviour ànd planet! The more I read into it all, the more convinced I became that going plant based is the most loving and sustainable choice you can make for yourself, the animals we share this space with ànd our planet

In the meantime, fast forward a few years, I also got certified as a Raw Vegan Chef (2017) in Bali, at the Sayuri Tenaka institute, and I feel more than ready to share my knowledge with YOU! So you too can experience the self healing properties of your wonderful body in the most natural, exciting and tasty way possible. 

Because, again: what you CONSUME has a major impact: 
- on your health
- well-being 
- mental consciousness
- animals
- our planet.

You CAN heal yourself!

(And it's delicious too ^^)



My interest in going ZERO WASTE came from an unexpected angle: my job! I used to work in aviation for 13 years (I know, I know!), and I was deeply appalled by the amount of waste we created on each flight. All those single-use plastic items... each day again... it made me sick to the stomach. This DID inspire me to take a closer look at my own lifestyle and 'waste' habits. And I noticed there is a LOT we can do, beginning with ourselves.

Now, you must know, no need to have enormous budgets to start a Zero Waste Lifestyle. I myself embarked on this journey at a point in time where money was tight... really tight! The good thing was that I soon realised that going Zero Waste actually saved me a lot of money! This only got me even more excited to continue on this journey! 

But, I do admit, it ìs a journey. And the goal is NOT to be perfect with only one little jar of waste in one year (how do these people do it?!). It is however about the JOY and EMPOWERMENT you experience each time you discover a way to reduce your waste even more! These are little victories for you, your surroundings ànd nature! Win-win-win! Now who doesn't want that?!

If you feel like you want to start switching towards a more Zero Waste Lifestyle, but do not know where to start?

I got you!

I did the trial & (a lot of) error, so you can just get the full short-cut. ;-)

Again, by going Zero Waste, you will quickly notice better health, how you can save a lot of money doing it, and how it will save time shopping. I guarantee you: this is a win-win-win-...situation!

Be the change you wish to see in this world! 

And it all starts with that first step.  


To be honest, all of the previous insights brought me to the essence of being alive: Authentic Self Love.

Everything we do and say is a direct translation of our consciousness, and how we feel in our own skin. Because if you love yourself 100%, just as you are, and take 100% responsability for your own well-being, you truly wat to share this feeling with everybody around you! You become aware of the inter-connectivity of all that is. And by being aware of this interconnectivity, you become even more aware of your own impact in this world through your energy, actions and words. Both on yourself as on the world around you. 

You always have a choice! 

Once you become conscious of this, you can start making conscious decisions about your health, wealth and impact on this world. 

Our choices and degree of self love matter.   

I love sharing my passion, knowledge and experiences with YOU, so you too can start embodying your most loving, authentic and empowered Self, and live an impactful life.

The most important part? BE SUPER KIND TO YOURSELF! Only then can sustainable transformation take place. Have fun, play with the ideas, and find out what it does for you.

Feedback is always welcome. I am convinced that we grow fastest, when ze grow together. So if you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please feel free to send me a message. 

Sharing is caring!
Let's do this! 

With great Love,


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