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immersive program
Fall in LOVE with YOURSELF and your LIFE

(even if you do not know where to start)
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Understanding instead of judgements. 


Empowerment instead of fears.


Creating a Safe Space instead of enhancing polarisation.


Immagine this:


You wake up giddy with excitement for the upcoming day. You feel deeply energised and so incredibly LIGHT! Why? Because you KNOW how to use your words and energy in such a way that you feel SAFE and EMPOWERED no matter what happens around you! You feel safe, accepted, loved, seen and heard in this new reality. And by cultivating this inner safe space and joy for life, you automatically create this safe space for others around you too. It spreads like a virus: but a life giving one this time! ^^ Connections feel more authentic and waaay more uplifting, energising and soul nourishing.


You actively create a world in which you set yourself and others free, and in which you feel safe to express that which is alive in you, without fearing critique, judgement or shaming.


A world in which you feel supported and empowered, because you know that thàt is what is needed to make life simply wonder-full!

A world in which you contribute to the well-being of firstly yourself, and from that space for everybody around you. Not because you 'have to', but because you know it contributes to your own joyenthousiasm for life and sense of well-being.


How wonderful would life be if this would be YOUR reality?

This doesn't have to stay an imaginary scenario. You CAN start building this reality as from NOW. You can create this 'dream reality' for yourself. A reality in which you wake up every morning giddy with excitement, with a heart overflowing with Love, and a sense of Lightness and ease.... No matter where you are in life, what your circumstances are, or how other communicate to us, you always have a CHOICE to reconnect with our inner power, en choose to connect, listen and respond from a space of pure Love.

Would you like to know how? 


=> Join the Loving Communication immersive program TODAY

So YOU can embody the change you would like to see in this world

Do you want ...

... to learn an empowered and loving way to communicate with both yourself as with others around you? 

... to resolve conflicts in an efficient and nourishing way, and to transform them into deeply connecting and healing encounters instead? 

... to no longer hear criticism, and feel safe and free to express yourself fully again? 

... to know how you can transform anger, depression, guilt and shame so you can feel FREE and LIGHT again?

... to know how to master the magic of words, and use them to heal (iso destroy and injure)? 

... do you want to FALL IN LOVE with yourself and your LIFE again?

But you don't know where to start?


Then this program is created especially for you, my darling!


Recognise this?

✓  You are scared to be shamed or ridiculed, so you do not always express fully what you think or how you feel? 

 You're having a hard time coping with the growing polarisation in our society, and would like to change something about that, but do not know how?  

You hate conflicts, but not expressing your true needs is also weighing you down? 


You long for more 'real/deeper' connections, both with yourself as with others? 


✓ You want to contribute to a more loving world, in which everybody feels safe, loved, seen and heard, but you do not know where to begin? 

We CAN do differently!

✓  Discover why our way of thinking and communicating is no longer serving us, and how we càn do differently. 


✓ You can become a walking safe space for both your Self as others around you. 


✓ You'll discover a way to never again having to hear hurtful citicism (and thus feel safe in any circumstance).


 You'll learn how to deepen and heal your relationships


✓ You'll be a walking beam of light and hope in these dark times


Start your journey towards more consciousness, and learn to connect on a deeper level with both yourself as others, WITHOUT judgements, thanks to the art of Loving Communication.


Loving Communication is the best way to get your deeper needs met, and drastically improves your ability to find empowering solutions for all parties involved in conflicts. It raises your sense of empowerment and contribution to a whole new level. You'll have the tools and insights to transform each conversation into a deeply nourishing and authentic experience. 

And, remember, the quality of your communication dictates the quality of your life. ( -Tony Robbins)


Don't know where to start? Start with the Loving Communication immersive program:

☆ Transform guilt, shame, depression and anger into inspiring tools towards a more loving life.

☆ Grow your consciousness, and experience this world in a whole new way. A world in which you know EXACTLY how to contribute to the solution (iso staying stuck in being part of the problem).


☆ Grow your self confidence, and know how to express challenging topics.


Deepen your relationships with your Self, loved ones, strangers, colleagues and clients alike. 



What you will learn:

Module 1: INTRO

In this module you will learn the basic principles: what is Loving Communication? How can it help you to show up more authentically in this world? How can it help you to embody and be the change you wish to see in this world? We will set the foundations of a new way of being and connecting with others in this world.


How can we cultivate ownership by embodying this loving energy and mindset in ourselves first? Because if we cannot create this sense of peace and safety internally, how would we be able to create such a reality in the external world? In this module you will learn how to tune in to your own deeper layers, so you can start living a fully aligned life. And why it is so precious and important to do so.

Module 3: HONESTY 

How can we use Loving Communication to help us be more honest with each other. And how to express what is alive in us, without the use of judgements, criticism or blame. Learn to say (ànd hear) 'no' in a new way. 

Module 4: LISTEN

In this module you will learn how to connect with true empathy to what is alive in the other person. And how to discover what would make life more wonderful for them. And once you know how to do this, you will notice how quick and easy it can be to resolve any conflict

Module 5: INTIMACY

In this module you will learn how to enhance the sense of intimacy in your romantic relationship(s) with the tools of Loving Comunication. Say bye bye to scary taboos in bed, and hello to radical authenticity and a deeper connection (pun not intended ;-). 

Module 6: AUTORITY

In this module you will learn about how we experience authorities, ànd how to practice authentic authority. How we can do it in a new and empowering way for all parties involved, based on creativity and co-creation, creating structures in which everybody feels respected and appreciated. You will learn hands-on tools that are deeply transformational in your role as a parent, teacher, manager, mentor, ... 

Module 7: HEAL

In this module your will learn how Loving Communication can be used as a healing modality to support the healing of emotional wounds. You ill come to see how much power you hold to contribute to someones healing process, just by being you and applying the tools. You will also learn how to Loving Communication in order to help mediate and reconcile parties in a conflict. 


In this module you will learn how Loving Communication can help in initiating social change. How you can influence people that are acting in a way that is not contributing to the well being of others in a positive way, and what we can do to find durable solutions that fulfil the needs of all parties involved. 


In this module you will learn how important it is to express appreciation and to celebrate your successes. Because it is so important to keep your energy and mindset 'on point' to be able to consistenly keep practicing Loving Communication on the long run. Escpecially in a world in which it is not (yet) a standard way of being and communicating. So how to be the change you wish to see, without depleting yourself. 



When you join the course you will receive an e-mail with the explanation on how to log in to the learning platform.



On this platform you will get access to each module as we proceed with the program.

You will have life long access to the course. So you can come back to it anytime you need a refresher. .


BONUS 1: Complete workbook. You will find all theory and exercises discussed in the course in here too. So when you feel like reducing your screen time, you can just work with the workbook instead. 

BONUS 2: All lessons will be also available as downloadable MP3 files. So you can listen to them while you are on the road in your car, walking through the woods, on a long commute, during household chores, shopping, ... Repetition is the mother of all wisdom! And it is a fun and effortless way to deepen your knowledge, wherever you are. Gaining new insights each time you listen.

BONUS 3 Extra module with extra exercises and word lists, so you can expand your vocabularium on feelings and needs. When using these, you will become even better at expressing what is truly alive in you!


"Words can be poison,
or they can be medicine.
The choice is yours."

Mock up Liefdevol Communiceren.png

What to expect:

Live support via 10 group coaching calls in Zoom (once a week)


✓ Access to the new module after each group coaching call, as to not overwhelm you. ;-)


✓ Life long access to the on-line learning platform


✓ Video lessons


✓ Downloadable audio’s (MP3 format)


 Downloadable e-book per module (and full book at the end of the course)


✓ Exercises and clear examples


✓ Word lists of feelings and needs to help you get started

Only 17 spots available!

€ 2.997,00

€ 1.497,00

€ 750,00

=> Only for these first 17 spots! (once in a lifetime offer!)

what to expect?

"Thank you so much An-Sofie for sharing so much valuable theory on Loving Communication in one fluent whole. You do not only bring new insights, you truly embody them, and I could feel this each time we connected.


Thanks to your course, I am becoming more and more aware of my own needs and those of others, and how I listen to them without judgements. I can hold space for both myself and others thanks to these tools learned in the course. 

It shows in my relationship with myself: I have become way more gentle. On the other hand I noticed the difference in my relationships with others: polarisation seems to diminish drastically. 


I loved your course so much that I even mentioned it on my Curriculum Vitae. 


I truly wish this will one day become the Universal language that we will pass on to our children and future generations. 

The world would be so magical."

- Sanne

"My expectations were largely exceeded with this course.

An-Sofie teaches you tools and insights in such a simple, easy to digest way. They make you see things in a completely new way, ànd get you eager to set them into practice too.  

Your 'inner work' gets ignited in this course, and something was set into motion for me: I already feel so much stronger and more loving than before. A new base was created, the 'phoenix' inside of me has been awakened. 

I would also like to sincerely thank An-Sofie. The way she brings this material is so pure, so deeply lovingly, ... it really made a difference. 

I'm so incredibly grateful that this course, and this lady, crossed my path in life!"

- Aniëlla Boogaerts

"Loved it! I watched the whole course with an intense curiosity, that I had an eager desire to continue to each following module. 

What An-Sofie explains, she does with so much love, knowledge and conviction. The course is clear with ample of examples and exercises to put into practice. 

I kept re-listening the recordings on my daily walks, feeling a sense of peace and happiness growing each time again and again.

This course gave me courage and hope in my relationships: Self knowledge to become a better person, and by doing so, contributing to a better and more loving world.

I can only recommend this Loving Communication course! 

It's a masterpiece.

Thank you An-Sofie."

- Daniele Hansma

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course intended for? 

For gentle souls who are ready to set a new standard. Ready for change. Souls who are done with polarisation and endless conflicts, and that are craving a safe space to cultivate a new mindset and skills with like minded people. 

If you are ready for more authenticity, empowerment and deeper connections; this course if for you my love. 

When can I start?

The doors to the next co-hort will open on March 25th 2024. So if you invested in your ticket, keep a close eye on your mailbox to get all the details on how to login to the course platform. ;-)

How long do I get access to the course?


The course (incl. the video's, audio's and e-book and templates) will be accessible for life. This way you will be able to return at any time when you feel you need a refresher and/or deepen your knowledge and skills. Because, trust me, you will find new insights each time you go through the course.

It's a big investment, and it scares me to be honest!

I totally understand that. I too get excited and a bit nervous each time I make a large investment in myself. At the same time, I can tell you that it are the big investments that brought me  you to where I am now. And Loving Communication has truly had the biggest possible positive impact in my life up until now. 


So ask yourself: what is a new empowering way of communicating and the feeling of coming home to yourself worth to you?

I only want you to join when you feel a full YES to yourself. 

When will the live sessions take place? 

Once we start our new co-hort, there will be weekly

check-in Zoom calls in which we will discuss and answer all questions related to the module of that week. These will take place each Thursday at 11 am Brussels time 


Cannot join the call? No problem, just send in your questions through 'question-files' per module, and I'll answer them in the live Q&A call. You will then be able to watch the replay (they will be recorded and added to the learning platform).

Can I get an invoice?


Yes! Even better: fill in all your (company) data when doigng your payment, and you will automatically recieve the invoice in your mailbox once the payment is completed.

I'm not happy with my purchase. Can I get my money back?

Oh, I'm so sorry the course did not fulfil your expectations. Bt no worries; if after 14 days of initiating the course you are not satisfied (so by april 15th 2024), just shoot us a little e-mail at and we'll refund your purchase with love.

Who am I?

Hey hey gorgeous soul,

my name is An-Sofie and I have worked over 13 years in aviation as a flight attendant. I came into contact with hundreds of people a day, working with a different team on each flight. As a HSP that could be challenging at times. As a child I witnessed three divorces from close by, and decided that as a grown up, I would never want to 'hurt' another person on purpose like I saw around me. On the contrary, my goal would be:


Make people happy! 

The result? I became a first class people pleaser. 


Very exhausting.

After a break up with a boyfriend in 2016, I realised I had totally lost myself. I had been adapting myself in order to 'earn' the love I so craved, that I now no longer knew who 'I' truly was. 

Note to self: losing yourself to 'earn' external love is NOT a sustainable idea! 

After this break-up I took the time to investigate how to mend both needs: lovingly contribute to the well-being of others, WITHOUT losing myself in the process. 


And... I found some answers.


I started to practice on myself (conscious loving self talk), and experienced first hand how incredibly healing this was. After practicing on myself, I tried it out on colleagues, passengers, friends and finally on close family members. 

What turned out? It seemed to have an uplifting effect on EVERYBODY! Even if they were not aware of what I was doing differently, almost everybody started to tell me how 'safe' and 'loved' they felt around me and in our interactions. And the best thing? I was able to set my boundries in a loving way, I heard less and less judgements, and more and more the humane needs behind their words. I was able to connect to their essence.

This changed my life! 

And now I want to share these insights and tools with you, my darling. So that you, too, can start cultivating this inner safe space for both yourself as for those you come into contact with. So we can start co-creating a world in which we experience joy by contributing to each others well-being. (regardless of what is happening in the outside world)  

Are you in?

With great Love,


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