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immersive course

OMG!!! YAYYYYY! You did it!!! 
You're officially taking the steps to take back full ownership over your Life!

Ready for your greatest Love Story yet?

This is a huuuuge step! And I would love to invite you to celebrate it! Put on some music and dance it out! After you got a little sweat, sit down and journal for yourself on these questions:


- What am I hoping to get out of this course?

- How will it transform my Life, if I fall deeply in Love with myself again?

- What am I willing to do to make this a MAJOR success? 

And then again: give yourself a MAJOR HUG!

By joining and investing in yourself, your enviroment will directly benefit from the fruits of your labour too. (Especially with this program.) So .... Thank you for taking real steps into creating a more loving world! ❤

Keep an eye on your mailbox. On Friday 22nd of March (22/03/2024) you will recieve an e-mail with all necessary info on how to log into the learning platform.

Cannot find the e-mail by then? Make sure to check your spam folders. Still nothing? Then please hit us up with a message on

So I can definitely recommend you to start scouting for a beautiful notebook and your favourite pen to embark on this journey. You will be needing both to get the maximum out of this program. 

I cannot WAIT to see you on the other side! ^^ 

Warm hug and see you soon,


ps: Cannot wait to get going? Want to start practicing right away? Good news: you can! 


Start writing down every time you get frustrated and/or triggered: what happened, and how did you felt as a result of that event. 

The more material you gather, the more you will have to work with during our time together. This way you will have a head start, and get even more out of this course.


Good luck!

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